Villa Contracting
3S Constructions is supported by a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who will work with you in each phase of your customized home, building or a renovation project. We will maximize your involvement all along the project to ensure you grasping a full understanding of the work. 3S Constructions is pledged to offer compact architectural designs and services and we may also work with a design team of your own choice. Of course we are committed to providing premium quality service at affordable rates.
Building Contracting
3S Constructions contracting also offers to provide services in and surrounding buildings and residences on a sub-contract basis. We go handinhand for acquiring better results, while taking care of every community we serve, setting new standards of green building construction andpromoting buildings that are environmentally suitable forthe business. We may also take up the other services in buildings and plants like healthcare, schoolsor any other type of buildings on sub-contract or outsourced basis.
Interior Design
3S Constructions Contracting have also a precious experience of constructing Restaurants, Hotels and Ice Cream Parlors, etc. We also erected Villas at the prestigious site of Palm Jumeirah [Dubai]. We know the taste of local nationals ofArab Emirates as well as that of foreign investors seeking to make a difference in interior designing. It provide us an appetite for top quality customers who are always eager for rare environments and extra-classicalfittings.
Landscaping & Irrigation
3S Constructions contracting enjoys a joint venture of well reputed companies with handsome manpower to control irrigation trouble shooting in UAE. We have an outstanding vision in grass landscaping and design and perfect fixing of artificial grass and natural planting. We also provide managed services on annual basis or can make a contract to maintain your lush green lawnswith unique profiles and instylish topographies.
Steel contracting
3S Constructions contracting have made valuable participations with different reputed organizations to eradicate problems of Steel Construction and to lay many Steel Mezzanines and Ware houses. We offer various facilities in each design for Villas, Buildings, Warehouses, Gardens, Stairs, Mosques and Parks, etc.